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Ivaz Arian Gostar pioneers in introducing, designing, and execution of air pollutant elimination in gas, oil, petrochemical and refinery industries.


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Hazardous Materials


Ivaz Arian Gostar is representative of activtek in Iran since 2011 and pioneers in introducing, designing, and execution of air treatment projects in industrial and commercial centers and key building establishments.
Today, due to high demands for our services in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries and considering significance and volume of our projects, Ivaz Arian Gostar has concentrated its activities on mentioned markets and holds exclusivity of activtek for oil and gas markets in Iran.
Ivaz is the first and most prestigious company which has succeeded in eliminating dangerous toxic gasses and pollutants including VOCs (such as Benzene, Xylene), H2S, SOx, NOx by exploring above and beyond prevalent technologies such as ionization and filtration.
Our expert team of engineers is available to provide Oil and Gas companies in Iran and in gulf region with exceptional services and products to address demands for air cleaning as well as resolving gas toxication and chemical air contaminant threats.