Efficient IAQ. Clearly green

Maximum Perfomance

MERV 13-16 performance without ionizing or Ozone generation – plus the agglomeration and VOC reduction that you have come to rely on from ActivTek Air cleaners. The ActivFilter (AF) can be configured and fine-tuned for a wide range of applications. While the MERV test is not truly applicable for active and electronic air cleaners because of the highly conductive loading dust used (typical atmospheric dust is not conductive), in the absence of a universally applicable performance test, ASHRAE 52 is what many rely on. In the standard MERV test with conductive loading dust, the ActivFilter achieves a MERV 13. If the MERV protocol is followed with non-conductive dust (MERV-NC), the AF achieves up to MERV 16. The ActiveFilter does this without ionizing and Ozone production. It is also constructed to eliminate bypass of air; a critical issue for maximum performance.

Maximum Loading

The ActivFilter holds up to ten times the dust load of passive filters, as shown in Figure 2. This is a critical component of a filter’s ongoing costs and one that is often overlooked or not reported. Passive filters and ionizing air cleaners tend to load on the surface of the media. To increase loading, passive media is pleated or made into deep bags. The ActivFilter loads throughout the full depth of the media pad. This three-dimensional loading around each fiber makes the ActivFilter unequalled in its ability to hold contaminants and, because of the active-field technology, they are held tightly and not shed back into the airstream. ActivTek Environmental brings to market the new standard in air cleaning: The ActivFilter. Designed to meet performance requirements for Green Buildings, hospitals, pharmaceutical and clean manufacturing facilities, the ActivFilter Air Cleaning System couples maximum air cleaning effectiveness with unparalleled energy and operational cost savings.

Maximum Energy Savings

Superior loading flattens the pressure drop curve to save over 1” of static versus alternatives. This translates to big energy savings and the potential for smaller fan selection. Energy costs are a major concern for facility managers and are, at current rates, typically 80-85% of the cost of filtration. They far outweigh the initial cost of a filter. The ActivFilter can save over 70% of annual energy costs versus a MERV 14 cartridge filter with a pre-filter. On a 20,000 cfm air handler, that means saving about 30,000 kWh and 40,000 pounds of CO2 per year.